About us

 Fast UK Parcel was established in 2011. From the very beginning, our main focus has been to become the best delivery company in the UK. We have seen a rapid growth in our contracts due to our dedication, expertise and professionalism. We are a company that believes in outstanding customer satisfaction. Our customers trust us to deliver their parcel and promises, setting the gold standard for exceptional quality of service. We consider our customer at every step of the way and we understand that flexibility and convenience are everything in today’s market. Our focus is to ensure that we continue to handle deliveries with speed and precision, so we are best placed to meet the rapid growth in demand within the express parcels market.

Our team
We specially select our team and invest a great deal in their training to ensure the performance outcomes reach or exceed our target. We are fully aware of the client’s needs and demands and strive to build a reliable team who are trustworthy and committed. Our Delivery Drivers undergo a full security check before offering them a self-employed role within our organisation.   If further checks or training is required, we guarantee to make that our priority. Our management team are from a variety of backgrounds bringing a wealth of experience to the smooth running of our company. We are proud to have created a widely diverse team united by their loyalty, passion and dedication. Indeed, we are dedicated to career development in every sphere, and actively nurture innovation and progression within our company.
Our Clients
We are a well-known service provider to the UK’s largest parcel delivery companies.  Each of our clients requires different levels of services and delivery solutions. We at Fast UK Parcel are happy to work with our customers to ensure we fully meet their needs. We value our reputation and would not allow anything less than a totally dedicated, fully qualified and committed member of our team to work on your contract. Each of our clients has different IT solutions.  Through excellent in-house training, we can ensure staff are fully proficient with the latest technologies to ensure valuable data is shared accurately and IT systems are managed effectively. We work closely with our chosen companies to ensure IT systems interface with each other. We understand that efficient and effective communication is crucial in order to deliver rapid and successful outcomes.