Complaints Policy

Fast UK Parcel seeks to foster a fair, respectful, cooperative and dynamic work environment and provides an Open Door Policy, encouraging all employees and contractors to raise and escalate any queries, issues or concerns to management.

We at Fast Parcel believe that if a customer or employees wishes to make a complaint or register a concern they should find it easy to do so. Fast Parcel’s policy is to welcome complaints and look upon them as an opportunity to learn, adapt, improve and provide a better service. This policy is intended to ensure that complaints are dealt with properly and that all complaints or comments by customers or employees are taken seriously.


The policy is not designed to apportion blame, to consider the possibility of negligence or to provide compensation. It is NOT part of each establishment’s disciplinary policy. We at Fast Parcel believe that failure to listen to or acknowledge complaints will lead to an aggravation of problems, customer/employee dissatisfaction and possible litigation.

Fast Parcel supports the concept that most complaints, if dealt with early, openly and honestly, can be sorted out at between just the complainant and Fast Parcel.



Contact Details for Complaints: Written complaints may be sent to Fast Parcel at Airport House, Purley Way, Croydon, England, CR0 0XZ  or by e-mail at