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Fast UK Parcel Limited,
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Purley Way,
United Kingdom
Phone: 020 3302 2808

        Notice of Fraudulent Activity/Phishing Scam


A serious matter has been brought to our attention as we've noticed that our company name " Fast UK Parcel " is being used in a phishing scam. There have been several cases where individuals have received phone calls, texts and emails informing them that their parcel is due for delivery/collection.  If you have received this message, please do not respond. This message is a phishing attempt as we do NOT call, text or sends out emails regarding deliveries. 


Phishing is known as the attempt to collect confidential information from internet users, typically by sending an e-mail or text that looks as if it is from a legitimate organisation. The data that is obtained is then usually used for illicit purposes.  


We therefore strongly advise that you do not give out any personal or payment details over the phone, and you delete any email/text immediately. If you have received a phone call, please hang up and notify us immediately.


If you have any queries or would like to make a report, please contact us on 020 3302 2808 between the hours of 09:00 AM and 18:00 PM, Monday -Friday.


Thank you for your time.


- Fast UK Parcel Team