Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy


  1. General principle


Fast Parcel continually strives to conduct our business activities in a way which will achieve the highest possible standard of health and safety for our employees, contractors, clients and members of the public. As the core of our business is based around road based transport we recognize that we can contribute to a safe, healthy and productive work environment by adopting a zero tolerance policy on the use of alcohol & illegal drugs in the workplace, preventing drug and alcohol problems, by raising awareness, by identifying problems at the earliest stage and by offering support to those who have a problem.

Our policy is designed to ensure that no persons under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol does supply or render services to Fast Parcel nor operate a vehicle on behalf of Fast Parcel.


2. Who is covered by this policy?

This policy applies to all of our employees as well as subcontractors (including agency and self-employed), consultants and employees of other organisations when working on our sites and premises or the sites and premises of our clients on our behalf.


3. Employee/Contractor On-Boarding Screening

Before any individual may supply or render any services to Fast Parcel in any context either as an employee, subcontractor or personnel of a subcontractor a Drug & Alcohol screening test must be performed and a negative sample provided.


4. Random Screening

Whilst contracting to or under the employ of Fast Parcel there shall be a continued requirement for each individual to agree to undertake random drug & alcohol screening tests for the purpose of verifying compliance with this policy when requested by either a representative of Fast Parcel or a representative of our client at whose premises the services are being rendered or supplied.


5. Testing process

All screening tests undertaken by any individual in line with this policy shall be conducted at the expense of Fast Parcel by a suitably qualified & authorized independent Toxicologist on behalf of the third party appointed by either Fast Parcel or a client of Fast Parcel to conduct such screening tests.

Results of all screening tests shall be available to the donor once they are made available to Fast Parcel.


5. Non-Negative result

Should the result of any screening test undertaken be 'Non-Negative' any employee shall be immediately suspended from any duties pending an investigation in line with our disciplinary procedure.

Should the result of any screening test undertaken be 'Non-Negative' any contractor will be required to reimburse Fast UK Parcel for the cost of the screening test and any agreement or contract for services immediately terminated.


6. Right to appeal

The donor shall have the right to appeal where in the situation that the onsite testing equipment may be defective; samples will then be sent to an approved Laboratory. Further costs/penalties may be incurred subject to result.