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Disabilities and Health Conditions

Fast UK Parcel has an Equal Opportunities policy that applies to all, including Drivers, which details our commitment to ensuring that discrimination does not take place due to someone’s disability or long term/ongoing health condition that may be considered a disability under the Equality Act.  If you feel at any time that you are being bullied or treated less favourably due to your health or disability you should not hesitate to raise this with your key contact.

If you require adjustments due to a disability or health condition in order to be able to fulfil your contract with us to undertake driving and deliveries, you should not hesitate to speak to your key contact.  We will endeavour to make any such adjustments in order to ensure that your ongoing health is not put at risk whilst you are driving for us. 

However, if we are unable to make the adjustments necessary or your disability or health significantly impacts our operation and ability to meet our service requirements, it may be necessary for us to consider whether we can continue to engage you as a Driver.

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